Shopping in Jasper Alberta
Shopping in Jasper                        Shopping Guide for Jasper National Park.
Shopping in Jasper
Jasper National Park Shopping Guide with town of Jasper Alberta listings.

Jasper's beautiful small town shopping atmosphere is a breath of fresh air to tourists and locals alike.

This picture was taken from Whistlers Mountain, overlooking the Town of Jasper Alberta.

Nestled in a valley among the Canadian Rocky Mountains, Jasper maintains, and is proud of its' commitment to Nature, Wildlife and preservation of its' wonderful suroundings.

Those looking for Nature at its' best find Jasper National Park to be a solid gem.

Featured Favorite Jasper Alberta Shops

Jasper Shopping category - General Shopping:

Jasper Books, Maps and Paper Media
Shopping category:

Area guides, histories, mountain photography, bestsellers, Mapping and Directional Paper Media.

Jasper Boutiques
Shopping category:

Fragrances, Cosmetics and skin care, Fashion and locally handcrafted jewellery, bracelets and watches.

Bridal Wear and Wedding
Shopping category:

Bridal bouquets, archways, cake tops, wine glasses, servers, garters, baskets, jewelry and headpieces.

Jasper Camera and Film
Shopping category:

Photo, digital centre, custom posters and prints, digital cameras, camcorders, and binoculars.

Clothing stores in Jasper
Shopping category:

Clothing and footwear, all around casual, dress, sporting wear, and Mountain specialty outfitting.

Crafts and Hobbies
Shopping category:

Hand made pottery, varied crafts and hobby supplies.

Jasper Currency Exchange Services
Shopping category:

Currency Exchange Services for global to Canadian currency, Travellers cheques cashed, and cash advances.

Eyewear and Eyecare in Jasper
Shopping category:

Quality sunglasses, UV protection, prescription glasses and optometry.

Fabric Quilts and Knitting
Shopping category:

Quilt & Yarn, bolts of fabric, knitting supplies, books, patterns and locally made quilts.

Jasper Florists
Shopping category:

Special day flowers, casual flowers, arrangements, and floral supplies.

Food in Jasper
Shopping category:

Bakery and coffee bars, food marketplaces, restaurants - both fine and casual family dining.

Galleries in Jasper
Shopping category:

Canadian Indian and Inuit art, Handmade moccasins, porcupine quill baskets, dolls, masks, totems, Carvings in soapstone, bone, antler, wood and jade, Korite ammolite jewellery, gemstones and Canadian collectible Paintings ranging from abstract impressionism to magic realism with a strong focus on Canadian landscapes. Museum-quality glass, clay and bronze sculptures, stone carvings, hand-woven clothing, unique furniture and handcrafted jewellery.

Gifts, Keepsakes and Souvenirs
Shopping category:

Souvenirs of the Canadian Rockies; Fleece jackets and vests, shirts, hats, toys and books; Specialty clothing, crafts, tablewear, pottery and art prints.

Jasper Hardware
Shopping category:

Hardware, electrical items, camping gear and gardening supplies. Products for RV, auto and home. Cutting Keys.

Home Accessories
Shopping category:

Home accents, furniture, decoration, etc.

Jewelry and Watches
Shopping category:

Unique jewellery, Canadian diamonds, colourful ammolite, amber and charms. Authentic artifacts. Watches.

Music Stores in Jasper
Shopping category:

Music CDs, portable audio, satellite radio systems and stereos. Acoustic and electric guitars, and harmonicas. Music books, strings, headphones, batteries, A/V cables, electrical adapters, and accessories for MP3s and iPods.

Shopping category:

Pharmacists, Prescription, over-the-counter and herbal remedies. Cosmetics.

Salon & Esthetics in Jasper
Shopping category:

Men's and Women's hair care and hair care products. All hair services, esthetics (waxing, sugaring, eyelash & brow tinting, manicures, pedicures, reflexology). Nail technicians (artificial & natural nails), Make up artists, Aromatherapy and reflexology.

Jasper's Ski and Snowboard Shops
Shopping category:

Ski and board apparel. Sportswear and footwear. Ski Rentals, snowshoes and skates. Outerwear, travel clothing, eyewear, backpacking gear.

Specialty Shops in Jasper
Shopping category:

Spirits, certain crafts, Locally made pottery, watercolors, jewellery, paintings, silk accessories, quilts, Tobacco and cigar shops, deli, video, & lottery. Cold beer, wines, Mineral/fossil specimens, etc.

Outdoor Sports and Outfitters
Shopping category:

Fishing and outdoor gear and apparel. Sea kayaks, canoes, rowboats and freight canoes with electric trolling motors for rent. Fishing tackle and licenses. "Everything for the outdoors". Technical outerwear, outdoor clothes, footwear, and gear for fishing, camping, backpacking and cycling. Rent mountain bikes, canoes and rowboats. Birding and fishing tours.

Travel Videos and Cds
Shopping category:

Photos, video and information on sites and attractions, trip pre-planners. Scenic posters.

Wine and Spirits
Shopping category:

Wines from around the world, Single malts, champagne and cold international beers. Liquor.

Shopping Jasper Wonderful by Nature

Shopping in Jasper Alberta

Jasper Alberta's beautiful National Park is chalked full of Mountainous adventure. Those visiting Jasper National Park will most likely stay in the town of Jasper, or the nearby campgrounds. Shopping needs can easily be met in the Jasper townsite. is a compiled list of favorite shopping delights that should guide you through your shopping needs.

Jasper Shopping Map

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  • Camera and Film
  • Jasper Clothing Stores
  • Crafts and Hobby Shopping
  • Currency Exchange
  • Eyewear and Eyecare in Jasper
  • Fabric, Quilts and Knitting
  • Jasper Florists
  • Food and Restaurants
  • Jasper Galleries
  • Gifts, Keepsakes and Souvenir Shopping
  • Hardware
  • Home Accessories
  • Jasper Jewelry and Watches
  • Music Stores
  • Outdoor Sports and Outfitters
  • Jasper Pharmacies
  • Salon and Esthetics
  • Ski and Snowboard Shopping
  • Jasper Specialty Shopping
  • Travel Videos and Cds
  • Wine and Spirits

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